Craft fairs and crafting galore…

Hello, it’s been a while… I’ve been so busy with Christmas craft fairs and been very busy at my day job (I work in a nursery). Since January I’ve had a couple of big orders, including a massive order of 42 bees!!!

So, I thought I’d take the time to jump on and have a catch up…

Way back in November – it seems so long ago now… I did a craft fair for my local Scout Group that I was part of for many years. It felt so special and I sold loads! I was able to share it with lots of my favourite people.

Then, I did another craft fair at the Village Hotel and it was another success – I think this one was the most successful one ever! This fair at the Village Hotel so busy and I genuinely loved every single minute of it!

The penguins proved to be the best seller and they got so many compliments and even got a few orders on the day! I had a huge smile on my face for the whole fair and pretty much sold out by the end of the second fair!!

After the aftermath of the craft fair – my craft room looked like a bomb had gone off, so I spent a few days gutting and reorganising it – it looks better than it’s ever been and I’m enjoying spending time crafting up there again!

I’ve got a few ideas for blog posts – but I’d love if you could message me anything you’d like me to write about.

Happy knitting – Amy 🙂