My Tribute to the Queen

After hearing the sad news of the loss of our lovely Queen and seeing some of the incredible knitted and crocheted tributes that people had made. I decided I wanted to have a go myself to create something in memory of our late Queen. Something that would hopefully make people smile during a time of national mourning. I have been following the “UK Post Box Toppers and more group” for a while now and I find that I can get lost for hours at a time scrolling endlessly through everyone’s stunning creations. I wanted to have a go at making my own, so I got my thinking cap on. I decided to go with something simple, yet (hopefully) effective. I had a crown that I made for the Jubilee celebrations back in May, so I figured that I could use that and made my own Queen to go alongside it.

The Queen was knitted from a knitting pattern from knitting by post (Queen Elizabeth II Toy Knitting Pattern – Knitting by Post) and was a really fun make, albeit a little emotional. All of the parts were knitted separately and assembled at the end.

Fast forwards to a week or so later when the Queen was ready, I sewed her and the crown I made earlier in the year for the jubilee to a piece of fabric measured to fit the post box and threaded some ribbon around the bottom so I could tie it on.

I dragged my boyfriend out one evening to sneak out and put the Queen on her throne – AKA the post box! Nobody was about so it was the perfect evening to put it out.

I loved putting the Queen on her post box throne, it felt like a personal tribute to our lovely late Queen.

I had so many amazing comments on Facebook about my topper, I was so overjoyed and it bought tears to my eyes to know just how many people had seen or been inspired by my Queen post box topper. I couldn’t believe my eyes, my phone kept pinging with new likes and comments on my topper. I was even contacted by the editor of Knitting Magazine and I could hardly believe that people wanted to share my creation.

I well and truly have the post box bug now and have many more ideas for future post box toppers. The main thing I will change next time is the base, to make it fit a little bit tighter and slot on a little easier.

I absolutely cannot wait to make my next one – I have lots of ideas swimming around in my head. Don’t forget to drop me a follow on Instagram or Facebook (@amyknittedbits) if you enjoyed reading this blog. Check out the “My Makes” page of this website to see what else I have been making.

Happy crafting. πŸ™‚ xx