Yarn Bombing…

By Amy Simpson

So, it’s been a while, it’s been so busy at work and the gardening season is here, which means that I’m spending more of my free time out in the garden, planting my flowers and vegetables. I have still however been finding time for crafting, Etsy orders have been slow, but I’ve been loving crocheting Disney Appliques and sewing a patchwork Disney blanket (this is a selfish project that I will be blogging about when I’m finished.)

During the Jubilee weekend, the whole of my local area seemed to have been overtaken by yarn bombing. Something which I found amazing, I can only imagine the hours and hours of work that these people have put into these epic projects. I dragged Daniel (my boyfriend) on an epic yarn bombing hunt through my local area – he loved it really.

Our local yarn bombing group (The Stapleford Yarn Bombers) did an absolutely incredible job of yarn bombing the town and did an outstanding 14 post box toppers as well as other awesome makes on the high street. (please note, non of these toppers are my work, I just love how they look).

I call this the Stapleford Post Box Trail and I loved finding them all and seeing the incredible work that people have made. It blew my mind to think of how many thousands of stitches went into these. It made my think about how many stitches I must have done in my knitting journey. I wonder how many miles of knitting I’ve done if I combine all of my projects?

These of some of the yarn bombing on the high street… the Union Jack bunting especially caught my eye, as although small, the level of detail is immense. The butterfly has become such a photo spot for many people in the town.. what a way to get people talking.

I saw repots of a beautiful knitted tea party in a neighbourhood village and so naturally, I HAD to pay it a visit. It was just exquisite, the level of detail and thought gone into it is unlike anything I’ve seen. The drive back was fun, I encountered a few more toppers, which of course I HAD to stop and take some snaps of.

I’m itching to get involved in the next yarn bombing project. If you see any epic yarn bombing out and about I’d love to see pictures. None of the pictures in this blog are my work, just things I’ve seen out and about and loved.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Happy Knitting 🙂 x